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Yoga Therapy

This is an 8 week journey which covers the basic building blocks of health and well-being from a yogic perspective. In each session we will walk you through a specific topic and explain its importance in relation to the mind/body connection. We initially begin with a detailed consultation, which will help us determine the health issue you would like to address.

We explore energy systems, diet and lifestyle, elemental balance, cleansing techniques, movement (asana) relaxation and meditation. Using the scientific principles of yoga and Ayurveda, together we can bring stability and harmony back to your life. The programme will move at your pace and will be gentle and therapeutic. Why not book in for a free 30 min consultation to see if this programme is right for you?

8 Week Course | $595.00 (Two payments of $297.50 also available)

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra is a meditation practice that teaches conscious relaxation. This ancient technique takes you through multiple levels of your being, to help release tensions and long held mental impressions. Yoga nidra is beneficial for anxiety, hyper-tension, depression, digestive disorders, insomnia and many psycho-somatic conditions.

It is a perfect starting place for those with chronic ailments or physical limitations as you are only required to lay down under a blanket and listen. We recommend an initial block of 6 weeks which may be extended by mutual agreement. You will leave each session calmer, more grounded and with a profound sense of relaxation.

Initial Consultation | 90 mins | $150.00
Weekly Yoga Nidra session | 60 mins | $50.00

Yoga Class 1-1

At Authentic Living we teach traditional Hatha yoga. Perhaps you would enjoy working on a 1-1 basis to improve your daily practice. Or do you wish to gain some competency prior to join a larger yoga class then Sarah would be able to guide you.

Please ensure you wear loose comfortable clothing and come with an empty stomach (4 hours prior or after food). You will be asked to complete an in-take form to ensure any medical conditions are taken into account.

Yoga class | 1 hour | $65.00